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Wild & local strains of Ipomoea nil (= Pharbitis nil) in the world : South America

Colombia Y024

Copyright 1998-2017 Yoshiaki Yoneda

Slide No. 369-381
Colombia Y024-1
Panoramic view
Colombia Y024-2
Cotyledon compared with that of Y023 strain (left)
Colombia Y024-3
Hypocotyl and cotyledonary petiole
Colombia Y024-4
Hypocotyl and cotyledonary petiole
Colombia Y024-5
Cotyledon and 1st leaf
Colombia Y024-6
From 1st leaf to 4th leaf
Colombia Y024-7
Colombia Y024-8
Leaf and flower
Colombia Y024-9
Colombia Y024-10
Calyx of the opening flower
Colombia Y024-11
Colombia Y024-12
Colombia Y024-13

Edited by Yuuji Tsukii (Lab. Biology, Science Research Center, Hosei University)