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Morning glory Ipomoea nil

Asagao-36 kasen (36 varieties of the Japanese morning glory) (block-print) by Bankaen (1854)

Figure 20

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"Kujakuba-sunazuri-hatoba-hanagasa-kosiore-kuruisisi-botan-dozaki Housintei"; Pear sand grinding leaf and pegion wing color centrally intense broken-down petal irregular lion duplicated twice flower Housintei

Probably due to the combination of the duplicated (double flower) gene with the lion gene, this extremely complicated flower is called a "broken-down petal irregular lion duplicated flower." General use of the duplicated (double flower) gene is characteristic of the second cultivation peak of the Kaei/Ansei (1848-1860) era. Sand grinding indicates a gritty leaf surface.

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