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Morning glory Ipomoea nil

Asagao-36 kasen (36 varieties of the Japanese morning glory) (block-print) by Bankaen (1854)

Figure 17

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"Ryuunomayu-tirimensibafune-gokubeni-sirofukurin-fuurin-sisiyae Soukaen"; Dragon's eyebrow crepe turf boat-like leaf and intense dark red corolla with white margin wind chime feathered double flower Soukaen

By the expression of the lion gene, leaves become crooked and have curlings and wrinkles. The flowers are irregular as if a lion had flared up his mane. The petals become like wind chimes, in the shapes of tubes and mustaches. To name the leaf form of the varied morning glory, words involving dragons, such as "rain dragon", were frequently used. Peculiar figures of the lion leaf would be chosen with a dragon. Leaves having a lot of cuts and peculiar projections are described as "the eyebrow of a dragon." In addition, there are crepe-like wrinkles in the leaf, which is "turf boat"-like. The dark red petals are bordered by white.

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