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Morning glory Ipomoea nil

Asagao-36 kasen (36 varieties of the Japanese morning glory) (block-print) by Bankaen (1854)

Figure 14

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"Maru-itoyanagi-tumemakiha-shoujoubeni-asagi-fukurin-kezaki-kurui-yae Ikkansai"; Round-filamnetous willow-nail rolled leaf and orang-outang dark red corolla-light blue-margined-hair-like petal-irregular double flower Ikkansai

Filamentous willow leaves have rolled tips like nails, and the forms of the flowers is described well by the phrase "hair-like petal irregular double flower". This plant expresses well the flowing and elegant beauty of the varied morning glory in the Edo era. Filamentous willow leaf is produced by combining the willow gene and delicate gene and the flower has petals split deeply to become narrow and slender. Petals are dark red. The terminal margin of the petal is light blue. This is described as a light blue margined.

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