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Interspecific hybrid of strain Africa of Ipomoea nil (=Pharbitis nil) x Ipomoea purpurea (=Pharbitis purpurea), Flaked

Jouhantensibori, Flaked F1

Copyright 1998-2022 Yoshiaki Yoneda

The author crossed an African strain of Ipomoea nil with Flaked Ipomoea purpurea in 1975, and got a fully ripened seed. The author sowed the seed promptly and cultivated the F1 plant through the winter season. This F1 plant, named AP17, began to flower the following March. The leaves were like the African leaves of Ipomoea nil. The corolla was light blue, in which were observed Flaked spots and stripes. This plant had bloomed about 1200 flowers by October 1976. (1976.10.5 photo by YY).

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Edited by Yuuji Tsukii (Lab. Biology, Science Research Center, Hosei University)